Procurement & Sourcing

Votar Partners

From time to time, every business must engage in the procurement of new or replacement systems and services. As these activities are done infrequently the discipline, methodology and experience required is often lacking. This can present significant challenges, which, if not adequately addressed, can lead to major financial difficulties or, at the very least, less than optimal outcomes for users.

Votar Partners operate completely independent of all providers and to date have helped in the sourcing of over 120 business systems and services. Our independence means we are able to make objective recommendations so our clients are getting the right service and solution to meet their business needs.

We focus on gathering and documenting business requirements and clearly identifying key attributes and functionality that are of a high priority. We take into consideration requirements that are unique to your business and the current and future demands of your technical and business environment. This robust process for extracting requirements and providing this information to the market in a structured format ensures that all potential providers have a clear understanding of your needs. When you enter into contract negotiations you will fully understand what you are paying for and more importantly you can hold the provider to account. With a properly formed contract, the process of project management is made easier.

The expected outcomes of Votar Partners procurement approach are:

  • A rigorous and robust process which meets all probity requirements
  • Decisions can be easily explained and defended
  • The new service or solution is selected based on a best-fit to your requirements
  • Schedule and cost risks are minimised
  • Users are engaged at all stages to optimise the probability of successful change management and user acceptance
  • Ongoing relationship with the successful vendor is undamaged by contract negotiations and implementation issues