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As organisations and businesses progressively transition to the digital model of service delivery it may be appropriate to assess your ICT capabilities. Votar Partners can provide an evidence based assessment of internal capabilities and structure, demand both internal and external, and definition of alternate models and transition activities so that the IT service can continue to support and enable your organisation in the coming years.

In summary the service analysis will consider the questions of why, what and how and more detailed dimensions of this analysis include, but are not limited to:

  • The purpose of your IT service and its ability to adapt to emerging trends and patterns of usage and demand;
  • What alternate sourcing and delivery models exist and their applicability to the IT service
  • The increasing need for the IT service to be tightly integrated into the organisations planning and delivery cycles;
  • How to develop and maintain a multi-channel delivery model in a sustainable manner;
  • What are the implications on team structure, roles & responsibilities; and
  • How to deliver this service efficiently and effectively.

ict service planning

This engagement will ensure your organisation has a clear understanding of emerging usage patterns and demands and how these impact the IT service, ICT team, the role they play and how to transition the team and their skills to successfully support council in the future state.

Your will have a clear vision of the technology required to enable sustainable operations whilst delivering returns value to the organisation.

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