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While ‘Digital’ is an industry buzz-word, there are a number of different interpretations of what this actually means.

Our view is that the drive to Digital is a response to technology becoming part of our daily lives. Organisations must adapt to and leverage available technologies to improve both the customer experience and organisational performance. That is, Digital encompasses the technologies and supporting elements required to enhance both:

  • The digital aspects of the customer experience, transforming interaction channels and experiences to match customer behaviours and preference 
  • Digital ways of working, or becoming digital on the inside, to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce to further enhance service delivery to all stakeholders. 

Therefore we see the organisation’s Digital Strategy and capability as sitting at the intersection between the ICT Strategy and Customer Experience Strategy.

Service or Digital Maturity

Our maturity assessment model involves assessing the 5 key elements influencing and organisation’s digital capabilities against 5 maturity levels .

Expected outcomes would include:

  • Clear understanding of current digital capability
  • What this means for Council and its community
  • A view of an achievable maturity level to progress toward over the strategy cycle

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