Change Management

Votar Partners

The transition to a digital operating model will present unique challenges for each organisation. Supporting your ongoing service reviews organisations will need to effectively track and support your employee experiences throughout changes in your organisation?

Votar Partners incorporate the Prosci® ADKAR® Model into our service delivery as it provides a simple and action-oriented methodology for change management.

Votar can enable you to develop an effective framework to support decision making, influence leaders, engage staff and realise benefits whilst supporting the application of change management techniques in your organisation.

Effective change management requires control of five key building blocks that form the basis of the ADKAR® Model. Individuals make changes successfully when they have the necessary Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. These five elements of the ADKAR Model and how they will be used to help staff change their practices are summarised below.



Making people aware of the inherent problems with the current processes and why the change to a more appropriate methods can deliver real benefits and is needed.


Providing people with the desire to support and participate in changing their habits by highlighting personal benefits and demonstrating how they support their current interests.


Giving people the knowledge of how to change their behaviours and work practices to improve the business outcome.


Equipping people with the abilities to implement the skills and behaviours required to thrive in a new environment.


Reinforcing the key characteristics and benefits of a new way of working to help sustain the change into the future.

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