Votar Partners

Votar Partners core product is delivering independent business consulting services to our clients through consultation, analysis and reporting using best practice standards and methodologies.

Our longevity is based on maintaining a constant understanding and application of current and emerging trends and systems.

As organisations and businesses progressively transition to the digital model of service delivery the role of Records, Information and Knowledge is more relevant and critical than ever before.

We can help you develop and implement practical initiatives across each stage of the information management lifecycle, ensuring that your records and information management practices support and enable business improvements, and remain relevant.

As organisations and businesses progressively transition to the digital model of service delivery it may be appropriate to assess your ICT capabilities. Votar Partners can provide an evidence based assessment of internal capabilities and structure, demand both internal and external, and definition of alternate models and transition activities so that the IT service can continue to support and enable your organisation in the coming years.

From time to time, every business must engage in the procurement of new or replacement systems and services. As these activities are done infrequently the discipline, methodology and experience required is often lacking. This can present significant challenges, which, if not adequately addressed, can lead to major financial difficulties or, at the very least, less than optimal outcomes for users.

Votar Partners operate completely independent of all providers and to date have helped in the sourcing of over 120 business systems and services. Our independence means we are able to make objective recommendations so our clients are getting the right service and solution to meet their business needs.

In the current economic climate it is paramount that your prioritisation of services, service levels and resourcing are based on an up-to-date objective assessment, and not on ad-hoc historical factors.

Votar Partners can help you achieve:

  • Clarity around why you are performing services and the right ‘mix’ of services
  • Direction on whether services are being delivered via the most appropriate mechanism
  • Alignment with your organisations vision
  • Improved financial sustainability
  • Better quality of service, that responds to customers’ changing priorities and needs
  • Optimal service levels
  • A culture of continuous improvement

While ‘Digital’ is an industry buzz-word, there are a number of different interpretations of what this actually means.

Our view is that the drive to Digital is a response to technology becoming part of our daily lives. Organisations must adapt to and leverage available technologies to improve both the customer experience and organisational performance. That is, Digital encompasses the technologies and supporting elements required to enhance both:

The transition to a digital operating model will present unique challenges for each organisation. Supporting your ongoing service reviews organisations will need to effectively track and support your employee experiences throughout changes in your organisation?

Votar Partners incorporate the Prosci® ADKAR® Model into our service delivery as it provides a simple and action-oriented methodology for change management.

Customers’ expectations have never been higher. In an increasingly digital world, customers expect better service, delivered where and when it suits them.

Votar Partners can help you to better understand your current culture and knowledge management environment and how it impacts on knowledge sharing. We can help you develop and implement practical initiatives across each stage of the knowledge management lifecycle to strategically transform your organisation.