About Us

Votar Partners

Operating since 1989, Votar Partners is an established Management and IT Services Consultancy, with a reputation for service excellence.

We focus on your needs and supporting you to achieve your objectives by delivering measurable outcomes.

You can trust our advice to reflect your specific situation and needs.

Our highly experienced and qualified team apply best practice standards and methodologies, which are applied in a pragmatic manner.

We are technology agnostic and independent and are not aligned to specific technologies or vendors.

Since 1989, we have successfully conducted over 900 assignments for a growing list of more than 250 clients including State and Federal Government Departments and Agencies, Local Government Councils, Water Authorities, Power, Not For Profit Organisations, Education, Health and Community Services and also the Private sector.

We have a proven track record of success, often as repeat business, and we continue to attract new clients through the provision of our independent and competitively priced professional consulting services.

Votar Partners’ consultants are highly qualified with a wealth of business experience, many of whom have professional backgrounds including: business analysts, accountants, engineers, IT specialists and senior managers in a range of key industries.

To date we have helped us successfully conducted 950+ projects for a growing list of more than 250 clients including:

  • State Government
  • Federal Government departments and agencies
  • Local Governments
  • Water Authorities and Catchment Management Authorities
  • Education – secondary and tertiary
  • Health – primary, secondary and tertiary, PHN
  • Not-For-Profit – charities, housing and membership bodies
  • Private Sector

Votar Partners prides itself in providing quality service.

An important factor that separates Votar services from other providers is our ISO Quality Certification.

We focus on making meaningful use of these quality standards and controls to ensure our services identify client specific needs.

Our approach and deliverables are tailored to meet your needs while maintaining our internal controls to ensure that what is delivered to you is of the highest possible quality.

customer serviceVotar Partners are on various panels.

Why work for us?

We are constantly seeking dynamic individuals to maintain our market position and to drive us forward. Our strength as a company stems from our exceptional employees.

From our inception, we have emphasised quality in the work environment by encouraging each employee to develop their skill sets, enjoy job satisfaction and improve their productivity. Our company philosophy is designed to attract, motivate and reward employees.

A distinctive aim of Votar Partners is to quietly empower our clients and act in a supportive role enabling our clients to achieve their own success.  Some recent comments from clients include: