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Votar Partners provides independent business consulting services. Our multi-disciplinary team deliver solutions to business problems through practical recommendations, sustainable strategy and robust systems and processes.

Whether you seek to maximise staff productivity, improve efficiency and effectiveness of services or comply with legislative, contractual and audit requirements, our advice and recommendations will be realistic and practical.

Being vendor independent ensures we are focused on achieving the best outcome for our clients. Our approach considers the views of all stakeholders to ensure people have been heard while promoting change acceptance.

Impartial evidence based recommendations are provided by our consultants through rigorous analysis.

Our commitment to deliver a quality service is evidenced through our experience and quality internal quality standards and processes (ISO 9001 Accreditation).

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What Our Clients Say

  • General Manager of a Victorian Government Regulator

    Thank you very much indeed for this final report, your presentation to the Executive team yesterday and moreover a big thank you for the superb delivery of the project overall.  Well planned, well

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At Votar Partners, our highly experienced and qualified team focus on providing independent consulting services in areas most critical to our clients: strategy, information management, digital, customer service, change management, systems and processes.
RCAT is a Software as a Service solution that provides you with actionable insights into your regulatory compliance gaps and risks.
RCAT is structured, cost-effective, scalable, dynamic, multi-disciplinary, risk-based and secure.