About Votar

Operating since 1989, Votar Partners is an established Management and IT Services Consultancy, with a reputation for service excellence. Our strengths are our independence and our people. Our focus is on our clients, their needs and supporting them to achieve their objectives.

Our approach is based on best practice standards and methodologies, which we apply in a pragmatic manner. We strive to deliver measurable outcomes to our clients, through the depth and rigour of our analysis and service delivery.

Our management system has been certified against ISO 9001 Quality Management by the British Standards Institution (BSI) .

Our Clients

  • Government (Local, state and federal)
  • Health (Hospital,Community,health)
  • Education (Universities, Colleges and K-12)
  • Utilities (water and energy)
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Private sector organisations

Our People

  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Diverse professional backgrounds
  • Management experience within large, multi-disciplined workforces
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Able to engage with people at all levels

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Our services

Information Management
Helping you transform your information management culture, processes and systems for enhanced decision making, productivity and compliance.
Digital Services
Helping you integrate the use of new technology into your organisation in a fit-for-purpose, cost effective and sustainable manner to realise measurable improvements.
Change Management
Helping you develop an effective framework to support decision making, influence leaders, engage staff and realise benefits by supporting the application of change management techniques in your organisation.
Spatial Intelligence
Helping you extract, analyse and capitalise your spatial information to make your organisation better at making strategic business decisions.
IT Services
Helping you transform your IT services to take advantage of significant disruption from ubiquitous connectivity, as-a-service delivery models, and increasing demand for mobile access.
Procurement /Sourcing
Helping you source value-for-money systems and services that meet your business needs, taking into consideration your technical and business environment, and meeting all probity requirements.
Knowledge Management
Helping you establish a knowledge sharing culture to improve collaboration, support innovation and capture vital corporate knowledge before people leave your organisation.
Customer Service
Helping you achieve customer service excellence through customer engagement, digital integration, process improvement, the use of ‘big data’ and creating a service culture.
Process Improvement
Helping you reengineer your business processes to deliver improved service and achieve productivity improvements.